Aligning strategy, leadership and implementation with purpose

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Aligning strategy, leadership and implementation with purpose

Align Coaching & Consulting exists to support leaders, organizations and individuals to fulfill their purpose through thoughtfully exploring their current and emerging environment and helping to align strategy, leadership and implementation with purpose.

The fast pace of our modern world and the demands of our lives can gradually shift us off the course we may have originally envisioned as people, as leaders and as productive organizations. In addition, conditions surrounding us change rapidly and often without warning, leading to circumstances where we realize we are not where we want to be. We need to invest time and effort to critically examine both external forces and internal geography to make intentional choices about how we choose to show up in the world in service to ourselves, in service to the organizations we are a part of, in service to others and in service to a better world.

For leaders and organizations, we help you to identify and bridge the gaps between vision, a changing marketplace, organizational dynamics, strategy design, leadership effectiveness, stakeholder engagement and effective implementation.

We help leaders, organizations and individuals to assess current realities, envision, design, create and implement strategies for meaningful growth and impact and set the groundwork needed to achieve your real potential.

Unleash your purpose

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We seek to help organizations unleash their best potential through:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Coaching
  • Community Investment / CSR
  • Cross Sector Partnerships

We seek to help individuals and families through:

  • Small business coaching
  • Family foundation coaching
  • Career transition coaching
  • Life transition coaching

Marilyn Friedmann is the Principal of Align Coaching & Consulting

Marilyn has more than 30 years of experience in non-profit and corporate leadership, management consulting, strategic planning, facilitation, coaching, fundraising, corporate social responsibility, cross sector partnerships, marketing, product and service innovation and business management.

She has unique expertise in facilitating cross sector partnerships between corporations, social purpose organizations and governments to address challenging social issues. She has a strong track record for leading change in areas such as revenue diversification, resource development and marketing strategy.

Marilyn is passionate about unleashing the untapped creativity and potential that exists within individuals and organizations to realize a better future. Read full biography

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